Leadership Characteristics, by Jake Newberger

East Coast resident Jake Newberger studied mechanical engineering at Pennsylvania State University. Before entering college, he served as President of his high school class and went on to lead his college fraternity, as well.

For many years, people have debated whether leaders are born or made. Those seeking to become leaders may read books and take classes on leadership, indicating motivated individuals may learn the necessary skills.

Others often feel inclined to follow leaders when they set a positive example through their actions, such as listening effectively and delegating managerial tasks to fellow employees or peers. In some cases, leaders can benefit by asking for feedback from those they seek to lead. Followers can provide insight that may not be readily apparent to the leader.

Effective leaders also communicate in a positive fashion. This means delivering negative news in a way that leaves the recipients feeling good. While positive communication can prove challenging at times, leaders who follow this approach will generally enjoy greater support from their teams.


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