New Domestic Robots from National Cheng Kung University, By Jake Newberger

Taiwan’s National Cheng Kung University recently unveiled two human-sized robots, named David and May. David has the ability to walk on two legs and make athletic movements. David was shown to be adept at basketball, weightlifting, sprinting, and penalty-kicking at the Federation of International Robot-Soccer Association’s RoboWorld Cup. May was designed to assist with household chores and asks humans if they want a soda. The robot is able to differentiate between different kinds of soda and deliver the appropriate drink.

Both robots are equipped with the ability to learn how to recognize objects, surroundings, and human faces. Scientists expect that it will still take several years for robots to be advanced enough to actually enter homes and perform general service functions. Scientists also recognize that teaching robots to speak a language will be a major challenge for the robotics field.

About the Author:

Jake Newberger graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Pennsylvania State University. While at the university, he participated in the Penn State Robotics Club, which triggered his interest in domestic robots.


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