Jake Newberger: Gaining Workforce Leadership Skills as a High School Class President

Jacob Newberger served as Class President for four years while in attendance at McLean High School in Virginia. In this role, Mr. Newberger gained many leadership skills that carried forth to his professional career.

As Class President, one is typically involved in the organization of class events, including trips, dances, and fundraisers. These organizational responsibilities mirror a leader’s responsibilities in the workforce on tasks such as organizing business fundraisers and company events. A Class President must also arrange and direct class meetings, and this skill directly correlates to leading meetings in the workforce as an executive or managerial employee.

Furthermore, one of the most important qualities of a Class President centers on serving as a good example and positive role model for his or her peers. This calls for a level of personal responsibility that fortifies one’s foundation as a strong leader in future pursuits.


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