Jacob Newberger (Jake Newberger): management issues

By Jake Newberger (Jacob Newberger)  Jacob Newberger – A mechanical engineer with specialties in robotics and automatic control systems,

The argument that the common notion that workers are generally apathetic about management issues is false or at least outdated is flawed. In this essay, I will discuss the reasoning behind this argument that was presented in the editorial section of a corporate newsletter. One underlying assumption of the argument is that the survey was anonymous.

This assumption is not valid since it is plausible that, for example, the workers were afraid that their answers could affect their status in the corporate. The argument would be made stronger if the survey was taken anonymously.

Another invalid assumption is that the questions were phrased fairly. The flaw here is that the author ignores the possibility that the reviewers of the survey intentionally asked unfair questions. One way of improving the argument is to mention that neutral company prepared the survey.


The flaws detailed above suggest that the conclusion presented in the editorial section of a corporate newsletter may not be logically drawn. Therefore it is evident that the line of reasoning is neither sound nor convincing.

Jake Newberger, Jacob Newberger


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