Tutors Help Students Learn Curriculum and Develop Good Study Habits

Jake Newberger graduated from The Pennsylvania State University with a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering and standing on the Dean’s List. The founder of Need a Tutor?, a professional education support service, Jacob Newberger has provided more than 500 hours of math and science tutoring to students at the high school level and above.

For a student who feels lost or challenged by classroom study, a tutor can provide a vital service. Tutors operate on a very powerful one-on-one level, in which they can identify and address a student’s issues with the curriculum or the study process. This is often difficult to obtain when the classroom teacher is trying to address the needs of dozens of students. A tutor, however, dedicates his or her full attention to the student at hand. This means that the tutor can talk with the student and identify what the student understands, where he or she struggles, and how his or her individual learning style relates to the materials.

The tutoring framework also provides a dedicated time for the student to complete class assignments. A scheduled time slot with a tutor is time for the student to sit down and focus on the work at hand, which is often a discouraging task when a student is facing difficult material. This focused homework time also helps a student to develop solid study skills and identify the way he or she learns best. A good tutor will teach a student not only what the material entails, but also how to work on it and develop mastery of the material. These skills help a student throughout the course at hand and in future educational endeavors as well.


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