Panacea Technologies and Process Analytical Technology

As an undergraduate at Pennsylvania State University, Jake Newberger earned a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering. While there, Jake Newberger was part of the robotics club and served as president of the school’s chapter of Alpha Epsilon Pi. Presently, Jacob Newberger serves as an automation validation engineer with Panacea Technologies, Inc.

Primarily used by chemical and pharmaceutical companies, Process Analytical Technology (PAT) allows users to obtain time-critical data for designing, analyzing, and controlling manufacturing processes. It enables companies to recognize critical points at all stages of the product lifecycle, from the acquisition of raw materials to the creation of the final product. These systems use methods ranging from chemometric analyzers to multivariate data tools to provide readings to clients. Moreover, PAT systems can interface with most automation systems.

Panacea Technologies has been on the forefront of PAT systems, particularly those developed by the pharmaceutical leader Siemens, known as SIPAT. For the past five years, it has installed SIPAT systems for a major pharmaceutical company, and this network ranks among the biggest PAT systems in the world. Moreover, Panacea Technologies further aids its client by providing ongoing end-to-end services, IQ and OQ validation maintenance, system expansion, and other forms of support. Upon the release of SIPAT 4.0, the company upgraded the entity’s worldwide system so that it can remain an information technology leader.


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