Advancements in Robotic Automation for the Medical Industry

The founder of Need a Tutor? tutoring service, Jacob Newberger has tutored over 40 high school and university students for a total of more than 500 hours. A graduate of Pennsylvania State University with a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering, he received the best engineered design award for his autonomous system navigation and driver augmentation vehicle. In addition to mechanical engineering, Jacob Newberger is interested in medicine and automation.

From an initial period of hesitation and resistance to robotic automation, the medical industry has made steps to embrace the technology. Especially useful in laboratories and packaging, robots can perform repetitive tasks quickly and precisely. As technology has improved, demand for it has grown, and the industry now is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of nearly 10 percent.

Recently, a robot called Eve and developed by the University of Manchester, Aberystwyth University, and the University of Cambridge, independently discovered a compound useful in the fight against malaria. Capable of screening over 10,000 compounds every day, Eve is able to create and test a hypothesis with a special focus on neglected tropical diseases. Over time, robotic automation may be used for a wider range of applications throughout the industry.


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