About Jake Newberger

A graduate of Pennsylvania State University, Jacob Newberger holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. During three different semesters of his undergraduate career, Jake Newberger earned inclusion on the Dean’s List. The summer before his graduation, he worked as an Installer and Programmer at AV Divine in Rockville, Maryland. In this position, he designed and implemented integrated audio, visual, and networking systems for both commercial and residential clients. He focused on multi-room automation solutions that provided easy control over lighting, security, climate, and entertainment. Jake Newberger held a number of other positions as a student. For a summer, he served as a Medical Assistant at The Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Center, where he gained experienced with physical therapy and rehabilitation. He also learned how to form and remove casts, tend to wounds, fit braces, and take out sutures. In addition, he spent a summer interning at Prototype Productions, Inc., where he aided in the design and construction of biomedical devices, especially surgical simulators.

At Pennsylvania State University, Jacob Newberger remained actively involved with several extracurricular activities. He belonged to the Penn State Robotics Club, a group that designed and programmed robots to carry out simple tasks, such as maze navigation. He also participated in the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and the Penn State Mechanical Engineering Society. A member of the Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity, Jake Newberger spent a year as the organization’s President. In this position, he oversaw budgeting, chapter house maintenance, recruitment, and philanthropic initiatives. This experience allowed Jacob Newberger to develop a range of leadership and communication skills. As President, he also managed a $60,000 renovation at the chapter house.


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