FDA Announces Drug Approvals in 2014 First Quarter

Working as an automation validation engineer for Pennsylvania-based Panacea Technologies, Inc., Jacob “Jake” Newberger creates equipment with PLC, Batch, SCADA, and DCS systems. In the summer of 2006, Jake Newberger worked as an intern for Prototype Productions, Inc., located in Ashburn, Virginia, where he helped with the design and assembly of biomedical devices. He remains interested in the research and development as well as manufacturing of pharmaceuticals.

Each quarter, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announces its list of pharmaceutical drug approvals. In the first quarter of 2014, the FDA approved six new molecular entities (NMEs). Compared with the same quarter in the previous year, this is a decline in approvals, since nine were approved in 2013. This marks the lowest number of approvals in a single quarter since 2000. In 2013 alone, the FDA approved 27 drugs, compared with 39 in 2012. Experts claim this decrease is due to decline in drugs submitted for review.

With the recent influx of public healthcare programs, customers are demanding lower costs for their pharmaceuticals. To remain competitive, analysts stress that the U.S.-based manufacturers must find ways to reduce their overall costs, otherwise insurance companies may seek pharmaceuticals from other countries.


Tutors Help Students Learn Curriculum and Develop Good Study Habits

Jake Newberger graduated from The Pennsylvania State University with a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering and standing on the Dean’s List. The founder of Need a Tutor?, a professional education support service, Jacob Newberger has provided more than 500 hours of math and science tutoring to students at the high school level and above.

For a student who feels lost or challenged by classroom study, a tutor can provide a vital service. Tutors operate on a very powerful one-on-one level, in which they can identify and address a student’s issues with the curriculum or the study process. This is often difficult to obtain when the classroom teacher is trying to address the needs of dozens of students. A tutor, however, dedicates his or her full attention to the student at hand. This means that the tutor can talk with the student and identify what the student understands, where he or she struggles, and how his or her individual learning style relates to the materials.

The tutoring framework also provides a dedicated time for the student to complete class assignments. A scheduled time slot with a tutor is time for the student to sit down and focus on the work at hand, which is often a discouraging task when a student is facing difficult material. This focused homework time also helps a student to develop solid study skills and identify the way he or she learns best. A good tutor will teach a student not only what the material entails, but also how to work on it and develop mastery of the material. These skills help a student throughout the course at hand and in future educational endeavors as well.

What Makes a Leader?

Jake Newberger is a professional tutor at Need a Tutor? in McLean, Virginia, where he has taught since 2007. As a recent graduate of Pennsylvania State University, Jake Newberger demonstrated his leadership skills as president of Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity. Earlier in his academic career, he was elected class president in his freshman through senior years at McLean High School.

Leadership itself has nothing to do with titles or income. Rather, it is the ability to articulate a great idea, organize a group, and bring concepts and goals to life. Styles of leadership vary, depending on the people and work setting, but strong leaders exhibit the following qualities and characteristics:

1. Respect. Leaders treat each individual in the organization with respect, regardless of the situation.

2. Honesty. An honest leader lets people know where they stand and sets an example for others to follow.

3. Communication. A leader has a vision and is able to clearly communicate that vision to others.

4. Confidence. Remaining calm and confident, even in difficult or challenging situations, inspires others to follow suit.

5. Passion. Good leaders love what they are doing, and their excitement is contagious.

SCADA App Is Used to Direct Industrial Processes

Graduating from Penn State with a mechanical engineering degree has made it possible for Jake Newberger to apply his knowledge in various automation processes as a validation engineer. One of the applications Jacob Newberger frequently utilizes is SCADA.

Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems are usually a part of ICS (industrial control system) configurations. The use of ICS is found in such industrial fields as pharmaceutical manufacturing, automotive production, wastewater treatment, and for the extraction of oil and natural gas.

Therefore, SCADA is considered a type of application that is used to monitor a system. As a result, the application features two primary elements. The system or equipment being monitored is the control and can take the form of a water system, traffic lights, or even a power plant. The second component consists of a network of smart technologies that work with the control or system to gauge and direct it.

As a result, the SCADA app is used to manage various types of industrial or networking processes, all of which are too complex to control by manual efforts alone.

Home Automation Now Allows Consumers to Talk to Their Washers

Jake Newberger works as an automation validation engineer for Panacea Technologies. An expert in installing automation equipment for the home, Jacob Newberger uses his engineering skills toward such interests as robotics and automation devices.

One of the newest kinds of home automation technologies is available from the electronics and appliance company LG. Using an app called HomeChat, users of smartphone devices can communicate with their refrigerator, washing machine, or similar home-based appliance.

For example, status reports can be obtained by simply texting a question. Therefore, users can ask their refrigerator if a certain food is in the appliance, and it will respond accordingly.

The HomeChat app, which only works with LG brand appliances, makes it easy to communicate with the brand’s robotic vacuum as well. Users of the app can determine when the appliance last vacuumed a room, or they can program the robot to follow a new cleaning routine.

Ever-changing broadband usage and updated electronics have caused automation installers to find new ways of linking technologies. Today, automation makes it convenient to monitor and control home lighting, heating and cooling systems, security alarms, and audio and video.

Defining and Identifying Student Leadership Qualities

Pennsylvania State University honors graduate Jake Newberger majored in mechanical engineering and has a special interest in automatic control systems and robotics. During his university studies, Jacob Newberger demonstrated keen leadership skills, serving the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity as president between 2008 and 2009.

When evaluating students to identify leadership qualities, a number of factors can affect performance and student initiative. Academic performance is just one indicator of a student’s leadership potential, and a high level of academic achievement can demonstrate discipline, work ethic, and maturity. Students who participate in volunteer or extra-curricular activities show a level of social consciousness and a sense of community involvement, both of which are key leadership qualities. Additionally, a student’s interactions with peers, teachers, and other members of society give insight into qualities such as respectfulness, assertiveness, self-confidence, and helpfulness.

Students possessing leadership skills and qualities often learn from their mistakes and are enthusiastic about learning from those around them. Leaders commonly benefit from constructive criticism, demonstrating a desire to improve and challenge their perceptions.

The ASME Student Mechanism and Robot Design Competition

Jake Newberger earned his bachelor’s degree from Pennsylvania State University in 2011. In addition to maintaining a position on the dean’s list, Jacob Newberger participated in several extracurricular activities, including membership in the Penn State and International Student chapters of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

In existence since 1880, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) promotes the development and shared research regarding multiple aspects of engineering, as well as public concern. The ASME maintains several institutes and geographical locations dedicated to research and members, and hosts several events and competitions each year, including the ASME Student Mechanism and Robot Design Competition.

The ASME Student Mechanism and Robot Design Competition provides both graduate and undergraduate students the opportunity to display their abilities in fields such as practicality, creativity, and integrity of analysis and design methodology. These talents are shown through the creation of a prototype and final report, which are presented to a panel of judges whose expertise in mechanism design spans both academic and industrial settings.

Individual or group participants must create a mechanism, defined as a device that performs a mechanical task through a force or motion. Size, construction, and activation requirements of these devices remain relatively flexible. In addition, participants may also create robots, which also fall under their own definitions and stricter requirements for functionality.

In the past, awards for competition winners included software, as well as cash prizes ranging from $100-$400.