Welcoming Robots into Your Home

Jacob (Jake) Newberger currently serves as an automation validation engineer with Panacea Technologies, Inc. His previous experience includes working with companies such as AV Divine in the field of home automation. Alongside his career, Jacob Newberger pursues an interest in domestic robots.

Although many people may believe that robots are science fiction, or at least devices of the future, several domestic robotic models already exist. Most of these perform simple functions such as mowing lawns, cleaning pools, sweeping floors, providing pet care, cleaning windows, and vacuuming. These robots thus perform mundane chores, but they can also offer more: some people choose to personalize their robots and give them names.

Those interested in welcoming robots into their homes have a variety of options from which to choose. Companies such as the Robot Shop maintain an extensive selection. For example, the Robot Shop’s robotic vacuum cleaners include the iRobot Roomba, the Neato XV Signature, the E.ziclean, Infinuvo, Mamirobot, and Ecovacs Deebot, among others.


Benefits to Home Automation

Jacob Newberger is a designer and programmer of automation devices. Using cutting-edge technology, Jacob Newberger and his employer Panacea Technologies provide consumers with innovative new ways to maintain their homes or businesses. In a culture where technology is king, home automation harnesses the incredible power of smart devices. Home automation allows individuals to manage their homes at the touch of a button using any smartphone or tablet. This provides a number of benefits.


Safety: The ability to manage lights in the home remotely allows users to make it look like someone is home, even when the home is empty. Many systems also feature automated locking systems.

Savings: Home automation allows users to ensure lights are off when not in use and to adjust the thermostat as needed. Timeliness: Busy parents no longer have to rush home to unlock the door for children returning home from school.

Peace of Mind: Individuals on vacation can control their homes from anywhere. Instead of giving a key to another individual, users can let them inside remotely. In addition, users can check the status of their homes using security cameras.

Home Automation Now Allows Consumers to Talk to Their Washers

Jake Newberger works as an automation validation engineer for Panacea Technologies. An expert in installing automation equipment for the home, Jacob Newberger uses his engineering skills toward such interests as robotics and automation devices.

One of the newest kinds of home automation technologies is available from the electronics and appliance company LG. Using an app called HomeChat, users of smartphone devices can communicate with their refrigerator, washing machine, or similar home-based appliance.

For example, status reports can be obtained by simply texting a question. Therefore, users can ask their refrigerator if a certain food is in the appliance, and it will respond accordingly.

The HomeChat app, which only works with LG brand appliances, makes it easy to communicate with the brand’s robotic vacuum as well. Users of the app can determine when the appliance last vacuumed a room, or they can program the robot to follow a new cleaning routine.

Ever-changing broadband usage and updated electronics have caused automation installers to find new ways of linking technologies. Today, automation makes it convenient to monitor and control home lighting, heating and cooling systems, security alarms, and audio and video.